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Information about Internet Development in Ukraine and Related Problems

This page provides information about Internet development in Ukraine and unleash vital problems with .UA ccTLD Administration in accordance with   new ICANN and  CENTR  Recommendations.
Other related pages: Ukrainian Research and Education Network Development and Internet2 and NGI Information Resources
Current NetUA Information page

Internet Development in Ukraine
Information, Statistics, Projects Information Resources and Directory Services
  • NetResourcesUA. WWW/Internet Information Resources in Ukraine.
  • NetDirectoryUA. Directory of Ukrainian ISPs 
Information and News Services
  • NetTendsUA. Analytical Reports about Trends in Ukrainian Internet
  • NetNewsUA. News about Internet development in Ukraine


  • NetReviewUA. Development of Internet infrastructure in Ukraine and forming National Information Resources, June 1998 

  • (Materials of Poster Presentation at INET'98, Geneva) 
  • ISPReviewUA. Ukrainian ISPs review (links, addresses, prices), May 1998 (Ukrasinian Language KOI8-U, Windows CP1251

  • .UA ccTLD Information and Statistics
    (updated 06.1998)

    .UA ccTLD Network Information Center - http://nic.ua.net/

    Third Level Domains in .kiev.ua Zone. NSs List Third Level Domains in other Generic and Geographical SLD Zones.

    Local Internet Registries in Ukraine

    • Full list of .UA IP hosts (Causion! Very Big File!).
    Search .UA Database on Domains, IP addresses, ASs, Persons

    Official Documents about Internet Regulation and Management

    ICANN formation - Corporate Documents (ICANN Bylaws, ICANN Structure)

    ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) homepage
    Domain Name Supporting Organization of ICANN (DNSO)
    ccTLD Constituency of the DNSO
    Address Supporting Organization (ASO)
    Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO)

    CENTR - Council of European National Top level domain Registries

    WIPO internet domain name process European Internet Forum (IFP) - Domain related maters

    IANA, IETF and RIPE Documents regarding TLD and IP address regulation

    Country Codes according to ISO 3166 (Source: RIPE NCC). 
    Country Codes Matrix.


    Overview of the Best of Practice in ccTLD administration
    (BCPccTLD.html, centr-ccTLD_overview.doc


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