New Age (Integral) Philosophy 
Emerging Global Information Society needs New Age (Integral) Philosophy. What is the philosophy choice for the Information Age?
Materialising reality of information al dimension as a new reality and increasing virtuality of human existance? Semantic abstraction and supramental channeling?
Philosophy of Information Society and Information Age will combine the Philosophy of Reality of Material World extended TO and BY Information and Knowledge HyperSpace. The Time is the new dimension - the development goes on to be accessible and retrievable. (YD,1997)
This page is in permanent development and intends to contribute to the development of the New (integral) Philosophy of emerging Global Information Society.

New Paradigms of Information Age and Knowledge Based Society
Formation of a new philoshophy (Integral)
New Age (Integral) Philosophy Foundation New Age Philosophy Foundation - Lecture course thesis by Yuri Demchenko (English, Russian, Ukrainian)

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In a strange way The Creator scattered seeds of Knowledge among different peoples and places where they have been cultivated exploring the Integrity of our World in their own way. To understand the wholeness and Integrity of our Reality we need to fuse and experience the whole variety and diversity of world's knowledge.
Esoteric Energetic Systems
Philosophical  investigation is a primarily mental exploration and you need to perfect your main seer's tools the Mind and make your Consciousness aware and distinguish inner (internal) and outer (external) world of your beeing.

Discussion. Extracts from some personal and group discussions

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