Introduction to the Dutch language

Is it possible to learn a language via the internet? You might ask. Perhaps not, therefor I'll only give an introduction to it. Before all I'd like to apologize on forehand for my sometimes bad or even incorrect English (I learned it via the internet :-).
Of course, this is only an attempt, no promises are made that you will learn anything or will not make a fool of yourself when you try to order a dust bin with mayo on the side in a restaurant.
Furthermore, it is still under construction, and I take a lot of time between creating new lessons, cause I have a life besides this, so emailing me about new lessons is allowed but won't have any impact on the arrival date of future ones.
This introduction is intended for people who can speak and write English correctly. People who also speak German have a slight advantage when it comes to grammar and pronunciation. Speaking one of the Scandinavian languages also helps to cope with some of the difficult sounds in Dutch.
It consists of a (very slowly growing) number of lessons.
A language can be subdivided into the following parts:
Grammer (oops grammar)
Bad language
Of these grammar is probably the most difficult, closely followed by pronunciation. You can skip the latter if you only want to read/write Dutch and not speak it. The vocabulary will just be learning lotsa words and expressions.
Bad language is just added for fun and doesn't just consists of blasphemy, but also other fun and insulting words from the oh so rich Dutch language (it's an art on it's own!!). (It's just a teaser, since you will soon find out that only the first lessons have them. Oops, now I've given it away.)
I suggest you start with lesson #1 (if it's there already), and make your way down.
For people who just wanna know how to write:
My name is <name>
I'm called <name>
I'm <name>
this is:
Mijn naam is <name>
Ik heet <name>
Ik ben <name>

Lesson #1: It's a start
Lesson #2: BeHave
Lesson #3: P'Articles
Lesson #4: And?
Lesson #5: Where are you all?
Lesson #6: Who was there on two?
Lesson #7: Why have you cried?
Les acht: I know the can-can
Les negen: My small mistake
Les tien: 1999
Lesson #11: Coming this year in a website near you.