Fall 1997

Emerging Knowledge Based Society (Information Society) and new Consciousness formation

Yuri Demchenko 1. Strategic aspects of National Power in conditions of Information Revolution
2. Education and Research in Global Information Environment
3. Thinking/Thought development and forming consciousness of the modern man
5. Information Age and the beginning of the Integral Philosophy (Philosophy of Information Age)
6. Introducing INKARM Concept

1. Strategic aspects of National Power in conditions of Information Revolution

1.1. Background. National power according to Hans Mogenthau "Politics Among Nations"

  • Geography
  • National Resources
  • Industrial Capacity
  • Military Preparedness
  • Population
  • National Character
  • National Moral
  • Quality of Democracy
  • Quality of Government

1.2. National State Guarantees and Function for people

1.3. Will National State die out in conditions of building Global/Open Information Society

1.4. New Possibilities in current situation analysis

1.5. About National Security, Power and Knowledge (information) dissemination

1.6. With GII development "Power" doesn't become concentrated in the center - it becomes distributed

1.7. With Mankind Development the globality of National Power definition and product exchange increased

1.8. Brain drain and workforce migration problems

2. Education and Research in Global Information Environment

2.1. Active role of Education in building Information Society and forming necessary knowledge

Education should respond on global challenges of forming Information Society in providing necessary background for successful people living in this new knowledge based formation: On other side, IT provide efficient tools in education for tight interaction with external environment and facilitation of knowledge acquisition owing to global access to information (and knowledge) and possibility to increase number of experiments during learning.

The education area is becoming now the place where many technologies meet, converge and are tested by real practice and coexistence. Education area/activity is becoming important part of general companies' activity (notwithstanding the structural affiliation - to company or university). Education becomes a conductor and promoter of new technologies and area where new approaches and new social imperatives are forming now.

2.2. GII provide the following powerful possibilities for Research conducting and management

2.3. New aspects of education and research in networked information environment and IT usage are based on approaching assistance tools to the real process of abstract thought process

New approaches in education and training should increase the assistance-to-contributive effect, i.e. education and training organisations should become the knowledge based organisations themselves and implement KBCo corporate model. Contributive effect in IT education should shift from secondary process to productive. Changing approaches in professional education should utilise the learning process (or it's results) for creating information and knowledge base for teaching next generation of students and/or trainees.

2.4.Classroom integration into Internet

2.5. Problem with "professionally lost" generation in countries with emerging technologies

Specialist as good wine should be matured. The problem is that in conditions of emerging technologies the time necessary for completing education is suspended by recruiting young specialists by short-term need of society and economics.

Rapid technology changes and economy IT-directed restructuring in Ukraine (as country with emerging technologies) rise another problem with "professionally lost" generation. Wide demand of knowledge intensive qualified workforce in IT (and programming particularly) causes problems with completed professional education. Students that have at least initial knowledge in IT and programming are absorbed by many small companies for serving their IT needs. In difficult economical situation they are forced to earn money that, in general, contradict with needs for intensive learning according to curriculum.

Young people of the third-fourth years in Universities go to professional sphere without formed professional credo that could affect their potentiality to innovative qualification growth in the future. Professional consciousness should correspond to the professional knowledge to secure constant and successive professional growth and knowledge acquisition but not only skills.

2.6. IT impact on information presentation and knowledge learning/mastering

Modern IT teaches/allows to operate with information images/objects in the mind and do (model, plan, assume) conversion of information objects/notions


New IT facilitate/catalyse forming of new level of thinking

2.6.1. Internet/WWW is a close analogue to natural information (and prospectively - knowledge) storage in the brain - very similar mechanisms of information access and search

Last mankind invention World Wide Web give people tool for facilitation of the power of abstract thought because of WWW operates with mixed (multimedia) information very similar to real thinking process. Now WWW technology becomes basic for development of Knowledge Network operating with knowledge information

the network and independently from the form of information. The wonderful feature of the web technology is the possibility to realise via it's directory and hyperlink structure the model of information and knowledge presentation in the brain - "The word (information) is it's search" (Lev Vygotsky, Russian Psychologist).

2.6.2. Modern ITs are becoming intellectual/research work assistive tools

3. Thinking/Thought development and forming consciousness of the modern man

3.1. What is the sufficient difference between though images and notions/concepts of Antique philosophers (Gnostics, Hermetics, etc.) and our contemporary philosophers?

3.2. What is the destination of the Man whose main doing across the Mankind History is Changing World for Knowledge Acquisition and Integration

3.3. Historical Milestones - From the point of view of Information Age

The MOST SIGNIFICIENT movement in the history of Mind and Mankind were when had been invented means/tools for thought assistance - The pace of revolutionary technology changes decreases exponentially: LANGUAGE WRITTEN LANGUAGE APPEARED BOOK-PRINTING

NEW INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES go in direction of approaching thought process - man is looking for the tools for enhancing and assisting his thought activity


3.4. Feedback principle as facilitator of knowledge and consciousness development



KNOWLEDGE - Classical definition

Knowledge is a authentic information about real world.

Knowledge is a structured classified information stored in different presentation forms


4.2. Changes in thought and consciousness of the Man

4.3. Changes in meaning of knowledge and consciousness (in the Age of automated information processing and knowledge reproducing)

5. Information Age and the beginning of the Integral Philosophy (Philosophy of Information Age)

5.1. Philosophers- harbingers of the Information Age (and man entering/upping on the high layers of consciousness - changes of man's mentality)

Theory/Conception of Karma and Moral/Spirituality is a way of doing/living in Information Karmic World (IKARM) - the main concept of which understood for us is knowledge representing (active) processes, programs and casualty defining our living.

5.2. Religion as a (moral) conception of incognizable (unknowable) part of real world

5.3. How can we define the role of Man in the Information Age?

6. Introducing INKARM Concept

Changed and extended reality given us in our sensations and outer world perception demand conceptualisation of the new extended reality model of INKARM that bounds together physical world with its space-time-mass-energy (3D-T-M-E) paradigm and information-bounded-with-material-world.

INKARM is an information-karmic world. Its main features are:

Entities of the INKARM represent both material and non-material (idealistic) entities of our 3D-T-M-E world in a common way of IDOS as information-consciosness-objects-essence. INKARM concept is at its intial stage of formulation that characterised by developing comprehension of the new extended reality that emerge together with Information Society and development of the Global Consciousness.

INKARM formulation was result of search for the model of our extended reality that incorporate time-independance feature for all entities represented in our world.