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Principles of Integrity
by James N. Rose

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1) We are not separate investigators of a distinguishable Universe.

  • We are the Universe exploring itself.
  • 2) All existence requires Coherence, Consistency and Compatibility to enable interaction.
  • This is the foundation of endurance.
  • 3) Everything is reducible to (translatable to) information.

    4) Existence is a complex structure of information transmission, transcription and translation.

  • Existence is topological (dimensional) transformations.
  • 5) Nothing is existentially independent.
  • There are no Formal Closed Bounded Sets; only Conditional ones.
  • Gödel Limits are never permanent.
  • All extants (tangible or not) are "completed" by trans-Gödel information.
  • 6) Zadeh Logic is the mathematical format of existence, in a matrix of exponentially nested complex Cantorian infinities.     (x) = kX     (nj = kXn ; ax+bi)      .
  • Hamiltonians formulations pre-design conditional symmetries and mask internal states.
  • 7) Continuum gradients precede statistics
  • Statistics and Quantum Mechanics are environmentally incomplete as they mask (code) proprietary gradients.
  • 8) Any change in inertia produces/is experience/consciousness.
  • Infinity  =  Environment           Inertial Changes  =   Experience  (change in information)
  • 9) Local entropies co-create environmental neg-entropies (generating Complexity).
  • Apollonian geometry generates alternating non-Abelian gradients (completing components missing from Pythagorean geometry)
  • 10) Objectivity is not an "object" ; Subjectivity must be.
  • Only intangible dynamics can be duplicated ; Events can never be.
  • 11) COMPLEXITY is information flow through & responsiveness to internal and external environments.

    <<Summarising Comments>>

    Existence is the transaction of information.
    Transaction of information is Complexity.

    Complexity is the enaction of Integrity Dynamics.