Blog: Secrets of the first few kilos weight drop

Achieved result: 3 kg drop in 2 months, 5-6 kg drop in 4 months

  1. 1. Supporting food ingradient: Gynostemma/jiaogulan tea or extract (for example
  2. Whole grain porridge/pap from amaranth, quinoa, not polished/wild rise red/black, buckwheat, linses, haver etc - a lot, no salt, no sauces
  3. Green salad with oil, lemon or natural apple  - a lot
  4. Mushrooms - occasionally
  5. No bread (or very limited), but can be only wholegrain dried/crackers
  6. Natural enzymes like from farmers honey (all supermarket honey is dead, no natural enzymes) - one tea spoon per day is enough, in he morning
  7. Animal fat like butter or speck - 10-20 gram per day: butter can be combined with honey above
  8. Lot of drinking: tea black or green and herbal - 50%/50% (coffee may also work)

And surely, reasonable calories burning activity: 350-450 kilocalories a day (approx 50-60 min walk, or 30-40 min running)


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