APC2018 5-8 October 2018, Amsterdam
Track 10: Technological foundation of GDPR: Technologies, practices, challenges, feasibility

Panel of GDPR Sceptics, 7 Oct 2018 (APC2018)

Panel presentations

  1. Technical introduction to panel, Yuri Demchenko (moderator), University of Amsterdam (PDF)
  2. Data Protection Digital Marketplaces Using Novel Infrastructure Models. The Global Big Data Hub infrastructure inspired by PRP, Prof. Cees de Laat, System and Network Engineering, University of Amsterdam  (PDF)
  3. Matthijs Koot, Secura BV
  4. Is Privacy worth it? Take a look through the mirror, Marcel Schaefer, SIT Fraunhofer  (PDF)
  5. Critical experience from first months of GDPR, Christian Winter, SIT Fraunhofer  (PDF)
  6. Anna Krasnova, Ernst & Young