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SE Business News

Alta Vista sold to CMGI ( - Internet venture holding. In the deal Compaq and CMGI established strategic partership.

AltaVista's free Internet access offers integrated search, news, quotes, and much more.
AltaVista FreeAccess

Inktomi Launches European Search Center
Inktomi has opened an index of European web sites that will serve its partners who are based in Europe. The 50 million page index is based in the United Kingdom and mostly populated by content from European web servers.
Inktomi partners such as UKMax ( and Dagens Nyheter ( are expected to begin using the index soon.
Results of test - UKMax -bad, have not implemented search yet.

Infoseek adds new search features
Infoseek has introduced search term highlighting in its results, a related searches prompter, and increased its index size to about 70 million web pages.
Infoseek added a "Similar searches". Similar Searches display popular queries that are related to your original search. F.E., if your looking for "gardening" you will be also proposed "water gardening", "flower gardening", etc.

Infoseek is to be completely acquired by Disney and merged into a new company called,1087,3_159481,00.html

Dell started their own portal which actually resides at
It also includes (, ( )
FAST ASA Announces Signing of MOU and Conditional Share Placing/Option Agreement with Dell Computer Corporation

NBC's and unveil sophisticated new technology and services to harness the brain power of Internet users
NBC and CNET's Internet portal and today unveiled an exclusive multi-year technology licensing and development agreement. will integrate GlobalBrain's revolutionary new Internet popularity ranking technology that improves the relevancy of search results by learning user preferences and prioritizing search results accordingly.

Snap Picture Finder,584,-0,00.html
Snap is now featuring an image search capability, powered by Previously known as ArribaVista, also offers image searching directly via its web site. The company is embarking on a new strategy of powering image search for other sites.

Netscape Search Service
Netscape has launched a revamped Netscape Search service that uses information from the Open Directory and technology from Google.

Direct Hit Debuts at MSN Search, Lycos
Both MSN Search and Lycos are now featuring Direct Hit results, and the company itself has just received $26 million in financing from a variety of venture firms.

LookSmart Live Looks-Up Answers
Looking for an answer? Look no further than LookSmart, which is providing custom research to frustrated searchers through its new LookSmart Live program. The request gets passed on to one of 80 editors involved in the project, and within 24 hours, you get an email back with your answer.
LookSmart Live

America Online, Excite@Home, Yahoo!, others are working on adopting their portal service to handheld computers.

Directories Business news

IBM, Novell, Oracle, DCL, Lotus Development and ISO COR rally industry to advance market for Open Directory applications
Members of the Directory Interoperability Forum plan to:

As an initial step, members of the Forum have verified that current LDAP-enabled applications interoperate with IBM SecureWay* Directory, Novell Directory Services* (NDS), Lotus Domino* Directory and Netscape Directory*. Applications that have been tested include: IBM WebSphere*, IBM Blue Pages, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes*, Tivoli Management products, Novell Groupwise* and Novell Net Publisher*. More information about the Directory Interoperability Forum is available at

Go Beta Tests User-Assisted Directory

Go Guides Beta

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