Fall 1997
Essay for Cantigny Conference "The Information Revolution: Impact on the Foundation of National Power", Chicago, September 24-25, 1997.

Strategic aspects of National Power in conditions of Information Revolution

Yuri Demchenko

1.1. Background. National power according to Hans Mogenthau "Politics Among Nations"

  • Geography
  • National Resources
  • Industrial Capacity
  • Military Preparedness
  • Population
  • National Character
  • National Moral
  • Quality of Democracy
  • Quality of Government

1.2. National State Guarantees and Function for people

1.3. Will National State die out in conditions of building Global/Open Information Society

1.4. New Possibilities in current situation analysis

1.5. About National Security, Power and Knowledge (information) dissemination

1.6. With GII development "Power" doesn't become concentrated in the center - it becomes distributed

1.7. With Mankind Development the globality of National Power definition and product exchange increased

1.8. Brain drain and workforce migration problems