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Main Carlos Castaneda Site.

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  • Rusian site
  • Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity.
    Volume One: The 12 Basic Movements to GatherEnergy and Promote Well-Being. Notes text to Video 1.
    Volume Two: Redistributing Dispersed Energy. Notes text to Video 2.
    Volume Three: Energetically Crossing From One Phylum To Another. Notes text to Video 3.
    Magical Passes for notdoing (Russian)
    Castaneda's Teaching and Books
    Struggles To Become A Warrior
    The Carlos Castaneda - Victor Sanchez Connection, written by Jon Guzman guzman@hughes.net
    Dreaming & Inorganic Beings
    The Crossing - Nagual's Site
    Shadow Dancers - The Art of Stalking
    Travelers of the Far Lands - The Art of Dreaming
    Magical Passes - Practical Techniques and Energetic Maneuvers
    Navigators of the Unknown - The Secret of The Luminous Beings Tales of Power
    Night Snacks - The Art of Storytelling
    Sex Magic: Archaic Techniques of Ecstacy
    Other Carlos Castaneda links
  • Carlos Castaneda Croatian site
  • Carlos Castaneda's don Juan's Teachings
  • Esotheric and Psychology Literature at GreenFox BBS

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