Test Messages Set

Each test will be performed in at least 2 character sets, one of which is US ASCII (or ISO 8859-1), and the other with characters that are not part of US-ASCII or ISO 8859-1. Optionally, some tests for support of multibytes Character Sets (UCS ISO 10646, ISO CJK - China, Japan, Korean) will be provided for MUAs that support these types of encoding.

Additional tests will be provided for UTF-8/UTF-7 support and, particularly, to verify the correctness of their internal transfer scheme between Unicode and non-Unicode character sets.

The test messages set is composed by:
Mandatory  tmsg1 - Message with non-ASCII characters/text in the Subject line 

tmsg2 - Message with non-ASCII characters/text in Mail Address free-form name 

tmsg3 - Message with non-ASCII characters/text in the Message Body text (single part) 

tmsg4 - Message with non-ASCII characters/text in text/plain attachment 

Optionally tmsg5* - Message with ASCII and non-ASCII characters/text with non-Western language/Encoding Default setting of MUA (optional) 

tmsg6* - Message with UTF-7/UTF-8 Character set in Message Body and Header (optional) 

The following shortcuts are also envisaged:

  1. Test Messages tmsg1-tmsg2-tmsg3 could be combined in tmsg123 (if no interference in MUA is detected)
  2. MUAs will be tested for main (if possible - All) character sets and character set/encoding supported by particular MUA and for main groups of European languages (Western - Default, Central European, Scandinavian, Cyrillic)
  3. The choice of Characters Set is up to the tester, but messages tmsg3 and tmsg4 should include the full character repertoire in the body, if possible.
  4. tmsg4 should be composed of attached documents and optionally of Attached/Forwarded message with non-ASCII characters/text
  5. Some additional tests should be provided if their needs will be identified during MUAs' Multilingual support examination.
The set of test messages will be available at the project webpage [8]. Also the pilot version of the online test message constructor/generator will be available at the MUA test page [9]. Developing a test message constructor will easy the customized preparation of specific test messages. In fact it will easily let the user choose among a number of options (alphabet, keyboard mapping or some quoted text) and then send the composed test message to the user's e-mail address for verification. More over the test message constructor/generator will create new messages via the provided "webtypewriter", where it will be possible to choose the national keyboard image mapping: this latter tool will allow online testers to type short text in their own languages. All the data will be processed by server based CGI program and sent to the tester via the normal MTS.

Another source of multiple languages texts will be taken from some regional servers of some international software producers:

Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com
Alis Technologies http://www.alis.com

Tests to be provided
reply to tmsg12
reply to tmsg3
reply to tmsg3 Cut&  
forward all
type kbd
exch tmsg5 
test-1-5 tmsg6
non-ASCII Subject
non-ASCII Address
non-ASCII Body
non-ASCII Attachment
Optional Tests
non-Latin1 default
UTF8 in Body, Header