Welcome/Hello Collection

This collection is intended to invite all Internautes to create a piece of native space at any Server in the Global CyberSpace. Visit this page and furnish small corner for your future return on your native island everywhere.

As I understand, our language and our words is the best subjects for exchange in emerging Information Exchange Age.

Sorry, for some possible mistakes - I'll appreciate any correction.

Original - Welcome [English]

Russian - Dobro Pozhalovat'
Ukrainian - Laskavo Prosymo
Polish - Zaprasham
German - Welkamen
.... ....

Original - Hello [English]

Russian - Privet
Ukrainian - Pryvit
French -
German -
.... ....

Original - How do you do? [English]

Russian - Kak dela?
Ukrainian - Yat sya mayete?
German -
.... ....

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