Steve Goldstein - 60th

Global Birthday Postcard

Name: Yuri Demchenko
on 29. March 2000
URL: Development Server
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Comments, Stories: Dear Steve,

Happy Birthday to you!

Thanks for your help with starting Academic and Research Networking in Ukraine in 1993.
Actually your visit and later our attendance of INET'93 Networking Workshop for developing countries changed my professional life, and I run into learning, studying, developing, teaching Internet technologies in Ukraine and Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Your advices during and after your visit in Kiev were very helpful to us. 
More about A&R Networking in Ukraine

Thanks and many happy returns.

Pozdravlayu s Dnem Rozhdeniya!
Поздравляю с Днем Рождения!
Vitayu z Dnem Narodzhennya!
ВЁтаю з Днем Народження!


P.S. Steve At TNNC99 in Lund

P.P.S. And what the surprise! My Birthday as well on March 30th.