Tantra Yoga 

What is Tantra Yoga Tradition? from Abhidhyan Yoga Institute

Tantra would be the science of spiritual journey. The term tantra means liberation through expansion; thus the discipline rigorously explores all energies and their application associated with human existence and human environment. This exploration markedly does not limit itself to the intellect but uses all faculties available to humans. This acquisition of knowledge is never purely for the sake of knowledge but for the express purpose of enriching human life and for practical use in the exploration of its spiritual dimension.

Classical Tantra Yoga tradition asserts that this universe we live in and are part of is the manifestation of Brahma, infinite, all-embracing, ever-blissful Supreme Conscious Being. It has been observed to manifest in two polar but interrelated ways: Shiva, the Eternal Consciousness, and Shakti, His creative power. Both of these principles cannot be made out to be distinct entities; they are two poles of the One Being experiencing itself.

Classical Tantra Yoga tradition uses two main approaches to the realization of Brahma: the first one is simply a gradual effort to release oneself from habitual or addictive behaviors. It is a preparation for the other, more subtle system of practices, called yoga. Classical yoga training teaches sophisticated methods of releasing oneself from habitual behavior and deepening one's feeling of connectedness to the Eternal Bliss. The final spiritual consummation is the direct experience of the Eternal Bliss that leads to dissolution of individuality which is the source of all ignorance and pain.


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