Key rules for writing successful Resume/CV

1. Read, re-read and follow all recommendations from

2. Simply use examples from there adopting to your personal data, don't be lazy, don't be ambitious inventing your own different format and wording.

Understand that busy personnel manager doesn't want and feel needs to think different from other managers and administrators. Guess that evaluators of your resume/CV get used the same standard examples for preparing their own successful resume and job applications.

3. Remember that you need to prepare both resume/CV and Application letter.

Resume highlights your professional profile but application letter gives you another possibility to stress on your successful carrier that actually/finally leaded you to the current application for the particular position. You can and should explain how your experience can help prospective company to gain its main goals.

4. Writing resume first try to present yourself providing Professional summary at the very beginning of resume but not any other information like knowledge of HW or SW and programming languages. etc., or your education.

All what follows in Carrier details, education, special knowledge will be seen in light of Professional summary and apparently should confirm your credits.

5. Resume/CV presentation is very important as most of these documents are printed and read by many administration people who need to compare and evaluate many applications.

Use basic Word or HTML formatting to make printed copy looking nice.

Normally you need to send your resume by e-mail. You can always attach Word 6.0 *.doc or *.rtf document to your e-mail. It's no problem for any modern office to read standard document types.

However, if you want to send your resume in text format, try again to make it look like formatted document. Few advises here:

  1. use Word's Save as formatted *.txt/*.asc file with not more than 72 characters in line;
  2. convert HTML document to text format using Save as *.txt in browser - this works excellent and comply with line length setting in your browser/mailer.
6. After finishing writing resume if it happened to be longer than one page with readable font size not less than 10 point, prepare also one page resume. This additional work will help you extract really essential information from your professional summary and carrier details. You can always refer to detailed resume upon request or at special URL.

7. So, finally you get two one page documents - Resume and Application letter, which will help all humanity to gain from:

8. Now read your application documents and find out what do you feel? 9. Remember that failing to follow recommendation of item 1 and all other recommendations here will be your mistake.

10. If you have any other recommendations and experience don't hesitate to share them with other people.

This information provided by Yuri Demchenko at best efforts and knowledge for his friends and all other solicitors from the Internet community.