1023 Sargeant Dr. Austin, Texas 78700
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Over seven years of training and experience in repair, maintenance, and operation of high-end electronics systems including targeting and weapons control equipment for the United States Navy and medium current ion implant systems for Varian Semiconductor equipment.

Field Service Engineer
Sep 1995 - Present
Varian Semiconductor Equipment
4210 S. Industrial Dr. Suite 160
Austin, Texas 78744

Maintain multiple service contracts on site including: Motorola, Advanced Micro Devices, and Samsung. Compile data and evaluate equipment performance trends on monthly basis. Perform corrective and preventative maintenance on high voltage, digital fiber optic, pneumatic, toxic gas, and high vacuum systems. Maintain customer relations through effective presentation of technical expertise.

Specific accomplishments include:

  • Maintain average of over 92% up time for all contracted systems.
  • Completed two major factory level upgrades in the field.
  • Assisted in reducing return inventory to zero.

Radar Technician
Oct 1991 - Sep 1995
US Navy, USS Scott, Norfolk, Virginia

Supervised and performed preventative and corrective maintenance on monopulse doppler tracking radars, continuous wave illuminators, modulated continuous wave uplink devices, antenna drive servo units, and demineralized water cooling systems. Troubleshot power supply, analog, digital, synchro, and radio frequency equipment to the component or module level. Performed quality control inspections. Supervised, trained, and scheduled work for a work group of five Missile Guidance Radar Technicians.

Specific accomplishments include:

  • Received letter of appreciation from Commanding Officer for timely repairs on missile fire control equipment during major system failure and refurbishing of antenna assemblies.
  • Created command wide user's guide outlining proper procedures for operation of missile guidance radar systems.
  • Trained 15 operators and technicians on operation of missile control and guidance systems.
Oct. - Dec. 1995 Varian E220HP/E500HP Electronics and Maintenance
Sept. 1995 Basic Vacuum Theory and Maintenance
Mar. 1993 Alignment and Collimation Theory
Jul. - Sept. 1991 MK 74 MOD15-MOD 14 Missile Guidance Radar Systems Differences
Dec. 90 - Jul. 1991 Operation and Maintenance MK74 MOD14 Missile Guidance Radar System
Mar. - Nov. 1990 Fire Control Electronics Technician School
Jan. - Mar. 1990 Basic Electricity and Electronics

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