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Current  version of the IODEF Schema - Under development
Version 0.44
Date - 02 August 2005
Status: Under development (release candidate) - Discussed at IETF63
Reference documents:  IODEF Data Model I-Draft version 0.4 -

Core IODEF Schema
Schema Location
(namespace - iodef)

DTD Location
Sample XML file


Extension for RID (Real-Time Inter-Network Defence)
Schema Location
(namespace - iodef-xws)

Sample XML file

Internet Draft

Extension for XML Web Services and Grid - FROZEN (due to stalled development)
Schema Location
(namespace - iodef-xws)

Complementary IODEF
core  schema
Combined IODEF + XWS
Grid Security Incident Defintion and Description Format, Version 0.4

Previous version of the IODEF Schema  - Frozen
Version 0.41 
Date - 13 January 2005
Status: Frozen (presented at IETF62 INCH-WG meeting)
Reference documents: None

Schema Location
(iodef: namespace)

Schema Location
(no namespace)

New! XML Signature and XML Encryption test implementation in Java - Updated 2005!

The IODEF Schema - Initial stable

Version 0.1  (historical, abandoned)
Reference document:

Schema Location:
DTD Location
Sample XML file

Maintainer: Yuri Demchenko <>