Advanced Computer Networking Technologies 
(3 credits)

Lecturer:  Yuri Demchenko, Associate Professor
     Computer Aided Design Department, NTUU "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" Ukrainian Version of the Program.

1.  Modern trends in Computer Networking Technologies and Networking Information Technologies

1.1.  Internet development G7 programs in creating GII (Global Information Infrastructure)
1.2.  Information Society  as Knowledge Based Society
1.3.  Internet/intranet technologies
1.4.  Client/Server Technologies
1.5.  WWW as common user's interface in Internet/intranet
1.6.  Wideband Corporate and Campus Networks using ATM Switching and VLAN, LANE technologies of virtual network building

2.  ATM Computer Networks

2.1.  Using ATM for Virtual Switched Networks
2.1.1.  ATM Protocols and Data formats. ATM Addressing
2.1.2.  ATM Network Switching and Routing. ATM Signalling
2.1.3.  TCP/IP over ATM. AAL Protocols and Standards
2.1.4.  VLAN and  LANE Protocols
2.2. Using ATM for modern Corporate and Campus Network

3. Computer Network Security

3.1.  OSI Network Security Architecture
3.2.  Internet and TCP/IP Network Security
3.3.  WWW Security (SSL, SHTTP). WWW based electronic payment system
3.4.  Electronic Mail System Security (PGP, PEM, X.400, MIME)
3.5.  UNIX Security
3.6.  Firewall and Proxy Intranet Security Technology
3.7.  International standards, Programs and organisations in Information System and Network Security

4. WWW/HTML Publishing

4.1.  Electronic Publishing in Internet. Copyright issues
4.2.  HTML 4.0 and it's new features
4.3.  Dynamic HTML, Cascaded Style Sheets
4.5.  WWW based document exchange technologies

5.  Corporate and Campus Network Design

5.1.  Information Policy Planning
5.2.  Network and Information System Projects Management
5.2.1.  Preparing Pilot Project. Detailed Project Description
5.2.1. Tender organisation. Main Documents
5.3. Computer Network Modelling
5.3.1. CACI Computer Network Modelling Software

6. Electronic Commerce Elements

6.1.  Trends, documents, main players
6.2.  Technological Components, Legal basis
6.3.  Products and Realisations

7.  Domain Names Management

7.1.  DNS and Routing
7.2.  Internet management reorganisation and new IANA. USGov Green Paper and White Paper on Domain Name Management
7.3.  European Project CENTR
7.4.  Generic TLD and ccTLD
7.5.  ccTLD registration procedure and rules

Supplemental Materials and Literature
1. Internet/intranet Technologies