Techno Carpentry Project


Cloud Computing Technologies  - Advanced Tutorials


Topic Area 1 – Cloud Computing Baseline


1. Tutorial 1 - Cloud Computing Definition, Reference Architecture, and General Use Cases

2. Tutorial 2 - Cloud Benefits and Challenges/problems. Business and Operational models. Cloud Computing Economics

3. Tutorial 3 - Cloud Computing enabling technologies: SOA and Web Services, Virtualisation platforms, Hypervisors, Internet Protocols and Network Virtualisation


Topic Area 2 – Cloud Taxonomy


4. Tutorial 4 - Cloud Service and Deployment Models: Use cases analysis. Grid Computing, HPC and Clouds

5. Tutorial 5 - Global character of cloud, impact, geographical distribution, cloud security and compliance, cloud dependability and eDiscovery

6. Tutorial 6 - Cloud Standardisation and Component Technology Overview


Topic Area 3 – Cloud Architecture and Cloud Platforms


7. Tutorial 7 - Major Commercial and Research Cloud Service Providers: Variations in Fabrics, Clustering, Storage; Service models, applications

9. Tutorial 9 - Cloud Management Software (platform) (1): OpenStack, components, tools, configuration examples, design patterns

10. Tutorial 10 - Cloud Management Software (platform) (2): OpenNebula (detailed overview, design patterns); Eucalyptus overview; VMware vCloud and Cloud Foundry (overview)


Topic Area 4 – Infrastructure as a Service


11. Tutorial 11 - IaaS Architectures and Models; Cloud Management functions and API. Security Groups, Machine Images, Access Control, etc

12. Tutorial 12 - Ephemeral Storage, Persistent Object Storage and Block Storage; Storage Variations

Tutorial 13. Cloud IaaS Storage Management: Backup, Replication, Archiving;  Cloud Storage Services: Amazon EBS, S3 and Glacier, Microsoft Azure Storage; Storage Management in OpenStack

14. Tutorial 14 - Cloud Construction:  Design Philosophy Alternatives; Commercial and Open Source Alternatives; Servers, Storage (DAS, SAN, NAS, SSD), Networking and Wiring; Energy and Cooling

15. Tutorial 15 - Cloud powered services design, applications design for clouds

16. Tutorial 16 - “Hands On” – Example Cloud infrastructure creation in Amazon AWS: basic website design, caching, geographical replication, adaptive load balancing and elasticity

17. Tutorial 17 –  Cloud Deployment Automation Tools:  AWS CloudFormation, Chef, Puppet


Topic Area 5 – Platform as a Service


18. Tutorial 18 - Cloud Platform as a Service: Architecture, Components, Microsoft Azure architecture and services management model overview

Tutorial 19. Databases in Cloud PaaS Data structures and models; SQL Databases, NoSQL Databases:  BigTable, Cassandra, MongoDB, Accumulo

Tutorial 20. Cloud PaaS Services Design with Microsoft Azure:  Services Design Components and Patterns,  Azure Service Bus

21. Tutorial 21 - “Hands On” – Services design, deployment and modification in Azure cloud


Topic Area 6 – Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business Oriented Cloud Applications


22. Tutorial 22 - Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS): Architecture and Components;  Multi-tenant Applications Design with Microsoft Azure

Tutorial 23. Cloud SaaS Applications for Business: Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Office365,  Cloud SaaS Applications for Enterprise Management:  SAP, SalesForce, Oracle, others

Tutorial 24. Cloud based solutions for Big Data:  Cloud based Big Data Infrastructure, HPC Clouds,  MapReduce and Hadoop, Big Data solutions from AWS, Microsoft Azure, LexisNexis HPC Cluster Systems


Topic Area 7 – Cloud Security


25. Tutorial 25 -  Cloud Security and Data Protection:  Security Basics, Cloud security models, Data security in Cloud,  Cloud Security and Data Security Standards, AWS and Microsoft Azure security architectures and services

26. Tutorial 26 - Cloud Federation and Federated Access Control: Federated Access Control and Identity Management Models;  AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Microsoft Azure Active Directory, OpenStack Keystone

27. Tutorial 27 - Cloud Compliance and Privacy Protection: Compliance Profiles, PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines, Privacy Protection Regulations and Principles

28. Tutorial 29 - “Hands On” – User Accounts and Access Control Management with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

29. Tutorial 30 - “Hands On” – User Accounts and Access Control Management with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD)

30. Tutorial 28 - “Hands On” – Cloud Compliance Assessment “Hands On”: CSA Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) and Cloud Compliance  Assessment tools: Self-assessment Examples


Topic Area 8 – Cloud Datacenter Construction and Cloud Services Delivery Infrastructure


31. Tutorial 31 - Cloud Data Center Network Construction:  Datacenter network models, Congestion control;  SDN, OpenFlow, NFV, Network as a Service (NaaS),  Cloud Service Provider network services and design

Topic area 9 – Intercloud Interoperability, Integration and Future Cloudscape

32. Tutorial 32 - IEEE Intercloud Interoperability and Federation Framework:  Architecture, Infrastructure Components, Interoperability

33. Tutorial 34 - Future Cloudscape: Cloud trends; Intercloud integration and interoperability: Intercloud Federation, Equinix Cloud Exchange, Open Cloud Exchange