Alexander E. Ivanov, Artist

 The tangible dream... 

Alexander E. Ivanov, Artist

Born in 1971 in St. Petersburg, Russia where he grew up, attended University and earned a Degree in History.

He has been a school teacher and done many odd jobs in his travels before arriving in Amsterdam. Regardless of what he has done, his first love is painting.

As an auto-duct, Alexander has a creative and humorist imagination, as seen in his paintings. He experiments with different textures on his canvas using such things as sea shells, buttons, string or even toilet paper.

If you see Alexander anywhere in the city, you are sure to see him with his “little black book” where he is always making sketches of whatever his mind and imagination see.

In his paintings you will see how much Alexander loves the moon, because he uses the moon in many of his paintings. But you also see the humoristic side of him, for example in his painting of “Ladybug in the Grass”, “The Last Smoke” or “Crossing the Line”.

Initially, Alexander tested his artistic skills by selling to the tourist in Amsterdam with what he calls his “silly pictures”, but in fact are really quite good and sell very well.

Personally, his favourite painting is “The Black Apple”, which appears on the invitation and he was inspired to paint because of his love of night time.

So, I hope that you will enjoy viewing and perhaps acquiring one of Alexander’s works. Paintings full of humour, the main theme for most of his paintings.

Thank you for coming and enjoy Alexander’s work!

Theresa  Reyes

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